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More Campaign Rhetoric?

Per Monday afternoon’s Politico Influence tipsheet – Rep. David Jolly, who is running for the United State Senate, proposed a lifetime ban on all members of Congress from becoming lobbyists. We appreciate the Congressman’s sentiments, but let’s stop playing politics here. First, the Congressman knows darn well that this would never happen. The fact is it is unconstitutional. We don’t know if the Congressman knows this or not, but the right to petition our government is protected under the Constitution. Second, the good Congressman himself was a lobbyist prior to coming to Congress. If it was a profession good enough for him, why not others? This is an honorable profession and its time to stop the rhetoric in order to scare voters into voting for you. Run on your issues and how to move the country forward and not on scare tactics and issues you know are unconstitutional.

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